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There are various ways we as humans express ourselves, and depending on the person, the chosen form could be simple or a bit more complicated. Poetry is one form of expression that many people consider personal. Whatever they write in verse, whether they intend to share it with others or not, can be a touchy subject to them. Poems help individuals express how or what they are feeling without having to verbally explain or write a story.

Poems can be as clear as day or confusing as a 34,000-piece puzzle. Some poems are intended to be understood by the poet alone, while others are to give a better understanding to the reading or listening audience. Either way, poems are artistic expressions of individuals who choose this form of self-expression. There is no right or wrong way to write poetry, although, there are several known types and styles.

Adoption can be a very touchy subject to certain people, especially with regards to the circumstances surrounding them. One adoptee may have had a wonderful adoptive family but always felt something was missing, while a birth mother who placed her child at the age of fifteen may still be hurting from her loss. An adoptive parent could be grieving as a result of a failed adoption. These individuals may not know how to express the pain they feel inside, and rather than write their story or speak to someone, the only way they can ease themselves is by putting their thoughts on paper any way the thoughts come to them.

On the other hand, there are several people that can be inspired to write a poem due to a joyous occasion, whether it is a child's Gotcha Day, the finalization of an adoption, the reunion with a birth relative or child, etc. Poetry isn't solely intended for doom and gloom scenarios. Poems are simple mediums through which individuals express themselves.

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